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As of late, ISIS seems to be all over the media. With each air attack and each video taped execution, the world wants to know what exactly ISIS is. It is only natural to be curious about such a group, especially one that has the world gripped in terror and held in dismay. In order to have a good understanding of ISIS, it’s essential to explore their history, geographical location, and goals. ISIS is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and also stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The group drew public attention in 1999 as the Jama’at al Tawhid Wal-Jihad, a former militant Jihadist group. The group also have ties to other extreme and radical terrorist groups, most notably al-Qaeda. The Islamic State seizes control of large landmasses in Syria and Iraq by using brutal tactics such as mass killings, abductions, beheadings, and ruthless tactics directly associated with imposing radical interpretations of the religion of Islam. The origins of the group derive from a Jordanian, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who formed al-Qaeda in Iraq by pledging adherence to Osama Bin Laden. After the leader’s death, ISI was created from which Baghdadi, who had been detained at Camp Bucca detention center during the US invasion of Iraq, became the leader and split from al-Qaeda. ISIS’s split with al-Qaeda in 2014 was largely because the group’s intentions were too brutal even for al-Qaeda. In contrast to al-Qaeda, ISIS is an entirely separate body and is significantly worse due to its dissimilar philosophical and organizational ideas. In fact, the strategies implemented by ISIS are so extreme that al-Qaeda feared its mass execution of civilians would turn Muslims against their Islamist cause. A pivotal reason for ISIS’s popularity is the constant clash between the Shias and Sunnis, two distinct Arab religious groups. The correlation between religion and Iraq’s sectarian

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