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ISIS It's been thirteen years since the horrific 9/11 attacks on America by Al Qaeda. Since then, Americans and its allies have vowed to fight and end terrorism and their supporters in the Middle East while terrorist groups continue to grow. Today, Americans and its allies face a new radical foe who call themselves ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). If the United States would focus on the root of the problem, could we finally take steps forward in the war of terrorism and the rise of new radical groups such as ISIS, in engaging Iran in making policies for the region and managing terrorist activities? In Syria, ISIS leadership saw an opportunity with the withdrawal of American soldiers in Iraq in December of 2011 and an uprising which began in Syria in March 2011. President Bashar al-Assad reforms created and uneven economy which angered its citizens as living conditions worsened, living cost continued to rise and jobs remained scarce. Syrians inspired by the rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia voiced their unhappiness and were advocating for democratic reforms. The government responded to these protest with extreme measures such as torture, kidnapping, and killings of protesters. Tribes and rebel fighters are constantly recruited by ISIS who supply them with basic needs such as food, money, equipment that they don't receive from its government. ISIS is able to support Syrians through its key source of income, oil from territories captured in Syria Deir al-Zour and Raqqa and the province of Nineveh in Iraq which ISIS uses to court tribesmen in the Iraqi-Syrian border. What separates ISIS from other terrorist groups? ISIS operates as an army due to its military council being made up of former officers from Saddam Hussein's army and have been known to launch serious military strikes against Iraqi and Syrian military bases and police stations from Mosul to

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