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By: Nick Sanchez ISIS; they are an extremist group that exists for the sole purpose of overthrowing Iraq and Syria and establishing a new tyrannical government. ISIS has received much monetary support from African, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. Their support has helped ISIS grow and become an extreme threat to the entire Middle East and rest of the world if not stopped. The killing of innocent people is one of many horrible demonstrations ISIS has partaken in doing to further their show of power that they have in the Middle East currently. In June, 10th, 2014 the killing 600 inmates from a Middle Eastern prison took place, only 30-40 men survived the mass murder. The only justification known for this act was said by a ISIS member, words were “ This is how we serve justiISIS ce”, “ Iraq: ISIS Executed Hundreds Of Prison Inmates”. The killing of simple American reporters has also occurred in recent months, American hostage Peter Kassig was confirmed by a beheading video released by ISIS. Along with the beheading of Kassig another dozen Syrian soldiers were also beheaded at the same time as Kassig. “ New ISIS video shows beading of American hostage Peter Kassig.”. Many hostages like Kassig attempted to appeal to ISIS in conversions of religions, but sadly it had no prevail. Many were either killed on the spot or tortured to death. ISIS’s other power demonstrations has consisted of rape, sexual slavery, and war crimes. In the eyes of president Obama the threat of ISIS to America has finally become a vivid image. In the article “ Obama: I will send US troops to fight ISIS if they get nukes”. Obama states that if at any point in time, the ISlamic state were to obtain nuclear weapons, he wouldn’t hesitate to deploy US troops. Obama demonstrates his knowledge of the extremist group by deploying !500 troops to the Middle East. To keep AMerican

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