Ishmael Beah: a Long Way Gone Essay

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Throughout the Novel A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah describes and tells us of the atrocities of the war in Africa and how he personally was affected during his time as a child soldier in the war; however children were not the only ones affected by this violent war, communities and civilian lives were changed forever and will always be tainted by the blood of war. This fact was very prevalent from almost the very beginning of his recall, with him witnessing a very tragic scene of death and blood from fleeing villagers from a neighboring community. This was one thing that I believe made people and communities look week and defenseless as compared to the rebels. In most cases people started to give up in searching for hope and accepted the fact that all that was of importance was to stay hidden so that they could survive. “’Too much blood has been spilled where you are going. Even the good spirits have fled from that place’” (Beah 12). People no longer felt safety in places that they had lived for so long, so everyone was constantly in fear. All who were not killed or captured by the rebels were forced to move out of fear of that happening to them or their loved ones. Taking from the point that no one was safe staying where they were anymore leads us into the next point that people were no longer able to settle down, people were constantly on the run in fear of being captured or killed. The rebels were constantly moving and taking over villages forcing everyone who was not willing to be a part of the rebel cause to flee for their lives. People were no longer safe with where they had become comfortable living, and were now forced to run, or hide when danger approached. The boys had experienced much of the hostility that ensued from people who had stayed and hid, many of the times people believing that the boys were children soldiers; “People stopped trusting each

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