Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain

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Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain Isabella and Ferdinand, royal cousins, were very influential rulers of Spain. Their strong Catholic beliefs and will to make Spain an all over better place strengthened the overall kinship of their country. Both Isabella and Ferdinand understood the importance of unity. Together they reformed the Spanish government in Castile and left Spain one of the best administered countries in Europe. Ferdinand of Aragon was born in 1452, while Isabella of Castile was born in 1451. When it was time for Isabella to marry, her father, Henry IV suggested a few rulers that would be appropriate to wed his daughter. On October 19, 1469 she evaded these propositions and married Ferdinand instead. The two ruled over Ferdinand’s Aragon, until Henry IV died in 1474. That’s when Isabella immediately claimed the throne. She allowed her husband a great deal of authority; and they ruled jointly over both of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile. Together, the two rulers had five children: Isabella of Asturias, Juan, Prince of Asturias, Juana of Castile, Maria of Aragon, and Catherine of Aragon. Each heir married at least once, and many married into other royal families. Isabella of Castile died November 16, 1504. Her death was a great hardship on Catholic monarchs because she left the Castilian throne to her daughter Juana instead of Ferdinand. Juana was called ‘Juana the Mad’, because of her mental illness. Because of this condition, she was not likely to be the best candidate for ruling over Castile. Three times, Isabella rejected Christopher Columbus’ plan to sail west. In the end, she agreed and he departed on August 3, 1492. Territories discovered by Columbus were divided between Spain and Portugal. Overall, Isabella and Ferdinand made a great deal of improvements in Spain, and outside their country as well. Because they
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