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Isaac's Storm Essay

  • Submitted by: GilPham1
  • on December 3, 2013
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Doubt: a parable
          The story Doubt: a parable written by John Patrick Shanley and premiered in 2004.   The production directed by John Cash Carpenter, running approximately 90 minutes with only four characters.   The play set in the fictional St. Nicholas Church School. The story tell about a mysterious circumstances about the young father Flynn has a wrongdoing with Donald Muller, St Nicholas’s first African-American. In my opinion, this production is really interesting and got the audience attention. Just by the way the character expresses the sentence and the music help the audience fall into the story. Make the audience following event by event from starting issue until the issue is being solved. Leave the audience in the endless doubt. This production is a great work with all the elements that give the audience a great view of real life doubt and fears. Everyone doubts and there is a saying that: “to doubt is to be human.” The feeling of doubt been inspirited to the audience who get caught up in the chaotic thoughts, wanting to believe in one story to keep the peace but still, doubting their own thoughts, who to believe? Who to trust? The performance gets intense and a big question mark is created. Never before I have been ever surrounded by a doubting when I watch a performance like “Doubt: a parable.” When I was a child I always thought that in this life there are only black and white, right or wrong, if it’s not right then it’s wrong or vice visa. Time passed by I learned a lot of things and I figured out that life not always right or wrong but people can just believe in their faith, in that case that is what called right for them. Between black and white is gray. We don’t really have a specific definition in real life issue. This is the first time I ever watch this production and I find myself almost trespassing on the tense moments. I was emotionally involved that I didn’t even realize that time has flown by; the play has ended and left my mind...

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