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ISAAC’S STORM – by the eyes of Louisa Rollfing Thursday, September 6, 1990 This month is one of the happiest months in my life when everything is finally settled down. I made such a long adventure from my home country Germany to dwell to this prosperous land. August, my dear husband had managed to make the last payment on our family’s piano. It is the first big step for my kid’s promising future. I always think a person who plays the piano belongs to a noble or royal class. I can imagine Helen in her beautiful pink dress playing my most favourite “Scarborough fair” song in our gorgeous cozy two-story house, which I have put many efforts to make it like an expensive one, just like a heaven on earth. Since the whole week, the temperature had risen steadily and the humidity was unbearable, we did not want to go anywhere in the afternoon. I read from the Galveston News that the heat wave killed three people in Chicago. As Thursday evening, the air at last cooled. It was a lovely evening, breeze soft in Galveston. I served dinner for my family and we then strolled along the beach. The sea was so calm, sparkling. The seagulls flew in V line in the blue sky. There were full of people walking and playing by the beach. Everyone looked happy and refresh to be there by the breeze of ocean. We went home after spending an hour and a half to enjoy more pleasant weather. I was so eager for this Friday for two reasons: August will receive his last check for repainting Dr. Isaac’s house and Helen first piano lesson with a talented pianist from the Opera House. We have faith that our future is going to bright and shine and we do enjoy every moment that our family can be

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