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What’s the name of your scientist? Isaac Newton Briefly describe the method for one experiment your scientist is famous for? Isaac newton experiment on light refraction. 1 he darkens his room 2 he has a little hole in the window for light 3 puts a glass prism in front of the light 4 observes that the white light is made up of a spectrum of colours 5 places a glass prism in front of the spectrum 6 observes that the spectrum then converts back to just white light. What equipment did your scientist use? 2 x Glass pyramid What was your scientist think was going to happen? Isaac Newton was think about, does this change the light, or does the sunlight have lots of colours that the prism puts into different places? How does the prism do it? What did your scientist trying to find out? Newton had a theory that light was formed of particles but had to associate the property of white light with rays in order to explain refraction. He found out that white light has a spectrum in it when refracted. Did the experiment support your scientist’s original idea? Explain In the second part when he puts the spectrum through the glass prism is evidence that his theory was correct. Newton believed that sunlight has lots of colours and that the prism separated the colours. Newton's experiment confirmed that a colour leaving the first prism could not be separated further by the second prism. The selected beam remained the same colour, and its angle of refraction was even throughout. Newton concluded that white light is a 'Heterogeneous mixture of differently irrefragable Rays' also that colours of the spectrum cannot be individually modified by themselves. What problems did your scientist encounter? No problems where encountered in the investigation but a possible problem would be bad weather meaning a lower light getting through. Other

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