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Investigate the affects does the surface area: volume ratio on the cooling of an organism. Apparatus: * 80ml beaker * 250ml beaker * 500ml beaker * 800ml beaker * Thermometer * Kettle * Stop clock * Water Method: 1. Collect an 80ml beaker 2. Fill with 75ml of boiling water 3. Place a thermometer in the beaker 4. Wait for temperature to stay constant 5. Record the starting temperature 6. Time for five minutes 7. Then record the temperature 8. Now work out the decrease in temperature 9. Repeat this three time to work out an average 10. Repeat all the above using a 250ml,500ml and 800ml size beakers 11. Now work out the surface area of each beaker using the formula (c*h) + (? r²) Variables: independent-surface area Measured in cm² dependent-temperature Measured in Celsius Controlled-volume of water Measured in a measuring cylinder Types of variables: Independent Dependent Controlled How it is controlled Starting temperature Input measuring the temperature, and waiting for it to settle Volume of water Input measuring accurately with a cylinder Size of beaker Input Use the same or same size beaker each time. Rate of cooling Output Keep the surroundings the same Time allowed to cool Input Use a stop clock Surface area Input Measure the surface area using an accurate ruler Material of beaker Input Use the same beaker, or a beaker of the same material To keep my experiment fair I have to only change one variable and that will be the surface area. All the rest I will keep the same. Therefore my results should be more accurate. Prediction: I predict that the beaker with the smaller will lose heat faster than the larger beaker. This is because of the differences in surface area relative to volume. In a larger object, of the same shape, the amount of surface area per unit of volume is less

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