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Internet Security Evan T. Dickinson Keller Graduate School of MBA Course/Number August 15, 2010 PrentisPete Nolan Abstract This paper explores internet security, the ways of implementing it and how it is used to protect data. Enterprises large and small are rapidly adopting new collaboration and web 2.0 applications, often without the consent or knowledge of IT departments. Even with conventional control mechanisms such as firewalls, IPS, and URL filtering solutions, technically savvy employees or outside hackers can evade IT security through the use of proxies, encryption, or other maneuvers. Because the internet is used in many areas of daily life and is pervasive, the weakest point is the people who use the services. This paper will address some of the different technologies used and the human factor as related to securing the internet and data that travels over it. Keywords: • Web 2.0 - New generation of web sites • Firewall - A piece of software or hardware that limits access in and out of a network • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) - Network intrusion monitoring appliances • URL filtering - Filtering of website addresses according to specific rules • Encryption - The method of scrambling data so that it can only be read by someone with a key to decrypt it Internet Security Network security is the discipline of creating mechanisms that make it very difficult for data to be accessed illegally and at the same time allow legal access to the same. These methods are used at all levels of a network and have corresponding methods in both the business and private non-digital world such as burglar alarms, security guards, and perimeter gates. Now that so many people have become internet connected, the complicated subject of network security, historically tackled by only well-trained and

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