Is Your Child The Victim Of A Bully?

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The Bullying World In past recent years bullying someone has become a huge problem in our society today. When we turn on the television or read the newspaper we will hear or read about a person that is a victim to some sort of bullying. We ask our self why have bullying become so out of hand lately? Do we know what is bullying? Do we know the sign of a person that is being bully or the effects that can have on a person that is being bully. Why do a person want to bully a person? Bullying is the intentional harm to others which may be carried out by an individual or group. It can be done repeatedly and willfully and the victim can feel defenseless, scare, intimidated. There are many different ways people bullying a victim, name calling, teasing, using network to put negative things about them on sites like Face book, MySpace, that is not true. Getting the victim to do things they do not want to do and in some cases threaten them that they will hurt them or one of their family members. Physical bullying, that include physical contact. There is also verbal bullying; which include name calling, indirect bully in which they spread rumors about their victim. There is also cyberbulling in which is done by sending messages, pictures, or information using electronic media, computers (email & instant messages), or cell phones (text messaging & voicemail). We ask our self why do some kids bully? Here are some basic reasons why kids bully; they feel it’s the cool thing to do and it make themselves looks good in front of their friends. There are people who reward others who bully. The bullies are made to feel that they are "fitting in" with the others, or are "being cool" when they are acting like a bully. Mostly these kids do not feel very good about themselves, and bullying takes away that feeling. "Too often a bully's behavior is encouraged and not stopped.
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