Is War Justified?

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Is War Justified? To be able to answer this question, we must conceptualize how and why wars are started in the first place. They are often started by a leader starting to believe that what they think or do is right. Some of these leaders are looking for land and/or trade with other countries/nations which they are not ready to give. They tend to achieve their objectives due to force which eventually causes economic depression and government reforms. These wars are nothing but robbery. The leader thinks that they have to take away the country’s resources and land to feel as if they have conquered this country so others do not try and rise to gain power. There are several reasons why a war will/may be started. For example, a very prominent factor in the starting of war is the want of power. Take for instance the Roman Empire, they set out to conquer the world because they wanted to gain power and expand their empire so they had control over a vast number of countries. Wars can be started in many different ways, however in some circumstances, it is not extremely different from robbery. This other country has something that another country wants, so they take it from them. This ‘something’ could be anything from land, resources and people for slavery etc. This ‘something’ can also be power. If the country feels as if another country is gaining power, they will take it out before the other country is too powerful. For example, in the First World War, Britain and France felt that the unification of Germany caused them to rise up and gain power, therefore upsetting the ‘Balance of Power’ in place in Europe. Thus, to not disturb it they took Germany out before they became too powerful. Greed, fear and disregard of human life is the ultimate recipe for war. The best example of a war that was justifiable was that of World War Two. France and the UK could have let
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