Is War Caused by Ideological Differences or Religious Differences

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An ideology war, in terms of politics or economics, refers to the underlying set of beliefs or doctrines that includes violent actions. An ideology is a result of a normative thought process trying to bring about change in society (Enotes). In comparison, a religious war is caused by spiritual differences. It can involve one state with an established religion against another state with a different religion or a different sect within the same religion, or a religiously motivated group attempting to spread its faith by violence (war). With that information being stated ideological differences are most likely the cause of most wars. For example, the Cold War. The contrast between two US presidents in Yalta and Postdam conferences showed that the increasing tension between two superpowers wasn’t mainly due to ideological difference, rather it was Truman’s lack of experience and judgment had worsened the two relations. However, the ideological difference did play a significant role in the Marshall Plan because it was found in the American economic and political system. The liberal capitalist US economy needed ever increasing trade and investment opportunities to overcome its endemic weaknesses, (Mccauley). The Marshall Plan was designed to create an informal American empire in Europe and thereby to extend American political influence over the USSR itself. Roosevelt and Truman and their advisors already predicted the threat of Soviet Expansionism, and that they tried to restrain the Soviets from changing the international order in a way that would have been as dangerous to Western interests. Therefore Marshall Plan then led to Truman Doctrine, which not only did it influence Europe to be under control by American imperialism, but also did not support Soviet Union because the United States inserted anti-communism propaganda. American pressure and the Western decision to

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