Is There Only One True Route to God? Essay

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Most people who follow a religion will tell you that their religion is the correct one, and the only path to God. Christians would say that Jesus was the Messiah and the Son of God, who leads them towards God and Heaven, as stated in several extracts of the Bible. People who believe in Islam would say that their religion is the one true path to God. People who believe in Christianity, Judaism and Islam would believe in their paths to God is the true one. However, some religions, for example Hinduism, believe in many Gods. People who don have a religion or who don’t believe in God might tell you that all religion is the same. For example, Buddhists believe that there is no God, and that through prayers, you can achieve Nirvana, or heaven. Some people might believe in more than one religion. These people might say that all religion is equally valid. I believe that all religion is equally valid. They all believe in the same faith, Life after Death and God. All religion tells about God in different ways, but I personally think that they are all the same. Buddhists, although most don’t believe in God, they believe in Nirvana, Life after Death. Christians believe in God and Heaven, and so do Islam. Say you are traveling from London to Paris; you can travel in different ways, boat, car, plane, train. All religions are aiming for the same place, but in many different ways. Six blind men were touching an elephant, but in different places. They all think it’s not and elephant. The six blind men are the religion, the elephant is their goal. The goal is the same for all religions but they have different

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