Is There Any Value for People to Belong to Groups in Which They Do Not Have Anything in Common?

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Is there any value for people to belong to groups in which they do not have anything in common? Some individuals argue that values can only be resonated when they are affiliated with groups that share common ideas. However, through the success and accomplishments of distinguished individuals, it’s evident that human beings can cultivate values from collaborating with individuals who belong to different groups. Such situations also stimulate minds to go beyond what they are typically accustomed to. To begin with, Mother Teresa, a middle-class nurse, devoted herself to aiding India’s poor, and thus gained not only personal satisfaction, but also benefited the entire world. Mother Teresa immersed herself into a completely different environment when she decided to offer humanitarian aid to the poor in India. Through her experiences with people who lived radically different lives from herself, she gained self-satisfaction in acknowledging that she had made a large contribution to their lives. In addition, Mother Teresa found an order of nuns called Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India and inspired others to serve the poor. Ultimately, Mother Teresa’s experiences in belonging to different groups had true value because she was able to highly influence others to be more aware of the living situation of the poor in India. Moreover, because Barrack Obama was raised in a low-class family, he understood the needs of the poor and successfully bestowed the values he learned from his upbringing after he became the president. For instance, he focused on controversial problems involving the poor because of his previous background. For instance, Obama understood that poor families have difficulties funding university education. As a result, Obama provided financial aid for struggling families to have the opportunity to obtain higher education. By confronting

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