Is There a Special Relationship Between the Us and the Uk Essay

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The expression “special relationship” was first introduced by Winston Churchill in a speech during the year of 1946. It has been used to describe the political, military, and cultural relations between the United States and the United Kingdom. There is also a firm historical background interlinking these two nations together. Although the two share close links to other nations also, there is a strong emphasis placed on the relations between the US and UK due to high levels of cooperation regarding economic trade, military intervention, intelligence sharing, and several other important factors. They have also acted as allies to each other throughout several major political conflicts such as World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the recent occurring Iraq war. However, whether the relationship is as ‘special’ or affectionate as often portrayed is questionable. In the early 19th century there was an anti-British attitude conveyed amongst Americans as they were feared and distrusted. Tillman, an important political figure at the time, described the view as “America for Americans, and to hell with Britain and her Tories”. The two countries almost went to war due to conflicts arising from the Venezuelan Crisis. However, with the input of President Lord Salisbury, the resolution of this conflict helped to build a closer relationship between the UK and US. It was noticed that many Britons were marrying Americans particularly during the early 1900’s. This time period was described as ‘the age of transatlantic marriages’. The Churchill, Chamberlain, and Macmillan families also had links to Americans. Roosevelt also portrayed his view that he believed in a much closer relationship now of the two nations, as he thought they were similar in ‘feeling and principle’ as well as speaking the English language. The first Lord of admiralty described conflict with the US as “the

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