Is There a Pay Difference Between Men and Women? Essay

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Running Head: IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN PAY? Is There A Difference In Pay Between Men And Women? By Stacy M. Lee HRDV Career Management February 24, 2013 Introduction What is equal pay for men and women? Who determines how much one gets paid? What does equal pay mean? All these questions and more will be answered in the literature review. Equal pay is when all employees are paid equally for doing the same job, with the same ability and skills. Most companies have the right to implement pay wages based on the company growth and production level. There is not a clear definition on what is equal pay for men and women but that’s when the Equal Pay Act comes into action. “Occupational earnings survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics almost invariably report substantially higher average rates pay for men than for women performing the same general type of work” (McNulty,1967, p.40) Assuming when women entered the workforce men have been dominating the pay charts for doing the same job and sometimes lessor work. The study of two literature reviews entitled “Differences in pay between men and women workers” by Donald J. McNulty and “Pay differences between men and women in the same jobs” by John E. Buckley will hopefully shed some insight to what “We” have known to be true for a long time… Men are paid more. Findings/Results In the research article titled “Differences in pay between men and women workers” by McNulty (1967), the study was based on surveys that were conducted in 84 metropolitan areas by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) concerning occupational earnings and related practices. The study was conducted on eight offices, three plants and men and women from each. The differences in pay averages for both men and women was measured by major industry division, regions, on the basis of if organizations employed only
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