Is There a Difference Essay

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“Everybody say Cheese” a famous line we’ve all heard before. I am Mikayla Harden and taking pictures and capturing memorable moments is my passion. A picture is worth a thousand words and I love taking my pictures and editing them to create a photo journal. Photos help me express myself and I will prove through my presentation just how easy it is to “Build-It-Yourself Digital Photography,” can it really be as easy as ready set click? Yes it can! Change Slide Our mission with Build-It-Yourself Digital Photography is to help the next generation of leaders and builders to understand the changes that are occurring in our own backyards. Today I will demonstrate how easy it is to compose a photo journal that describes why your life, country, and community are special. Through collecting images that show what could be improved it allows me to appreciate our natural environment as well as being a great stress reliever. Of course there are a few basics of photography I would like to discuss. Once you have these basics, you will be prepared to make your photo journal, tell a story, and then share your story with other kids around the world. Change Slide Let’s begin with a quick overview of equipment and programs you may need to start your photo journaling experience. First you must decide on the type of digital camera that fits your personal style. There are many cameras on the market today that will assist you in your journey. I personally prefer a Fujifilm fine Pix s1500; it is an ideal traveling companion for advance amateurs and professional shooters alike. Next you will need a computer to upload your images. First, insert you media card into the appropriate slot on your card reader, plug in your camera with the supplied USB cord, and turn it on. The Auto Play window should pop up after a few seconds. Choose Open folder to view files.” If this window fails

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