Is the Internet a Dangerous Place? Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Is the internet a dangerous place? The internet has amazing potential – it gives us the opportunity to ease our lifestyle and to strengthen our general knowledge. With a few clicks we can keep in touch with our friends, reunite with our long lost family, read the news, shop online, pay the bills and play games. The internet is a wonderful and powerful resource of the 21st century, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t hold the attention of millions world-wide but there is no doubt it can also be a dangerous place. Each and every one of us acknowledges the internet is dangerous by having anti-virus software. If it wasn’t for the software we wouldn’t bother protecting ourselves. According to m86 security labs research in March 2011, 80 Million American computers have been affected by malware which is no surprise, also 6.5% of Chinas computers which accumulates to 87.1 million computers have been affected with malware. Whilst here in Australia, approximately 580000 computers have been affected with contagious virus’ which have the ability to scam internet users. According to the research undertaken by the Ninemsn website, we come to acknowledge that: - If Facebook was a country it would be the 4th biggest populated country in the world - That 17million Australians surf the Internet daily and 6.6 of them are daily Facebook users - That 37% of teenage deaths are related to cyber bullying Class, I would now talk about a major contributor to the internet’s negative reputation, social networking. Social networking is defined as 'the grouping of individuals into specific groups'. Although this can be possible in person, it is through the internet that networking is becoming one of the main tools used for socialising. Millions of individuals from all over

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