Is the Constitution Still Relevant?

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Is the Constitution still Relevant? An ongoing argument over modern political and social issues centers on whether the U.S. Constitution is relevant in today’s world. With all the advancements in technology, communication, transportation, commerce, and in the medical field, some argue that the Founding Fathers could not have seen what would be necessary for the United States to stay the great nation that it already is, so I believe that the constitution is still relevant to a degree. For most, when forming the Constitution, the framers did not construct the constitution’s durability based on any advancement in technologies or society. They wrote the restrictive forces of the Constitution on something far more predictable, the meaning of freedom. They understood that times would change, and that breakthroughs would come in many forms and on many levels. They therefore constructed the Constitution on one thing that they knew would not change, and that is human nature. So when people say that our constitution is not relevant at all because of its age, most of our rights are declared on it and still is followed today. Therefore, these are rights that can’t be taken away or unalienable, unalienable rights are rights that are unable to be alienated, given up, or transferred to someone else. They come from God, and no man or government can rightly give them or take them away. Some examples of unalienable rights are life; liberty; self-government; to bear arms; to purchase, develop and dispose of property; make personal choices; free conscience; choice of profession; choice of a mate; to assemble; to petition; and to free speech. Lastly, even with times passing and things changing, we have to remember that we the people are the authority in America. We have to educate ourselves for the sake of progress while still reminding ourselves that our Constitution is
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