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Mrs. Rivera British Literature Jamayez Lindsey Is Our Constitution Still Relevant? The constitution was and is used to set the boundaries of our government here in the US. The constitution was made in September 17, 1787, but did not go into effect until March 4, 1789. The constitution was made to set the boundaries off government made by the people and for the people. How did the constitution benefit the US? The constitution benefitted the US by keeping the people safe by establishing rules and regulation for not only what the government could do, but allowing the people of the US to have their rights. The constitution is the oldest constitution that still continues to be used today. The constitution is and will always be relevant in today’s society. The constitution is a document that was established by a group of delegates in order to bring Social and political structure to the United States. The constitution was the blue print for how the government would receive its power and what they could with it. The constitution states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution are reserved to the states respectively, or by the people.” This meant that power is given to the government by the people. That example alone shows that the constitution not only is important but still is relevant, meaning its still in effect. The constitution was made in 1787 that’s over 200 years ago today. The constitution is ancient history that still lives on in the US. The constitution still has as much importance as it had the year it went in effect 1789. It’s one of the only documents in the world that has set standards for its own country but has influenced many other countries as well. With that being said, it showed the world how social order and political order with a respectable amount of power, given to the

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