Is The Canadian Senate Worth Keeping? Essay

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Is The Senate Worth Keeping? The senate is a point in which not all Canadians will quite agree on. It’s worth, purpose and democracy is constantly argued, and each side of the discussion has it’s how opinions on how it should be dealt with. This house of ‘sober second though’ The senate plays a large role in the lawmaking progress and some would say that their achievements are extremely understated and there are many positive aspects of having a body not subject to the wants of the public. This aspect of our government is crucial to keeping our laws current and applicable to our current situation. The senate also is charged with the duty of safeguarding human and minority rights. Political figures are adamant over the necessity of a house that is above the whims of today and can focus on what would be best for the future of our country. Many would declare that the senate is undemocratic and should not be allowed in our government system. The first and fore most undemocratic factor is how the senators are appointed to office. They are not elected, as they should be in a democratic government, but they are appointed this position by the Prime minister. Often he appoints his senators to gain a majority so his laws may be carried out and also he or she may give this position of power as a patronage to loyal supporters of their party. The second reason is the misrepresentation of the provinces and territories in the senate. The senate elects people for the amount of population in the area so both Quebec and Ontario have more representation than the rest of the country, especially compared to the Northwest territories and the Yukon who only have on each. This begs the question that the senate is not representing the minority population of Canada fairly. This is also another cause of discord among Canadians since it again, goes against our basest of

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