Is the American Dream Still Alive?

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The American dream dates back to the 1600s, when European immigrants came to the unexplored continent that is now America, the Promised Land. The land was full of hope for these people. This was their chance to start something new, to become established in this land full opportunity. The pilgrims’ dream was to come to this land and prosper from it. During the 1920s, the concept of the American Dream was that an individual can achieve success no matter their family history or social status if they worked hard. The war was ending and people started possessing their own idea of the American Dream. The American Dream had gone from striving for equality to striving for individual success. The 20s was a time when people didn’t care how they became successful. Whether it was illegal or not, everyone wanted to be ranked in the ‘upper classes’. If you weren’t rich or didn’t have the luxury you wanted, you haven’t achieved the dream. Why did all of the sudden the Dream change? The 1900s was the beginning of a big change, a time of prosperity. New, bigger, and better inventions were being released. More jobs were opening up and people started making more money. More and more people were leaning towards the idea of the American Dream was becoming rich and if you weren’t rich, you weren’t happy. The novel “The Great Gatsby” shows what the American Dream was to the American people in the 20s. In the story, the characters have a lot of hope for their dreams. For example, Gatsby is hoping to win Daisy back by fulfilling her dream which is to be very wealthy. Gatsby struggles to reach the upper class but he comes out with the money. In the end, Daisy doesn’t want him back because someone else had already fulfilled her dream causing Gatsby’s dream to fail and his life comes to an abrupt end. Daisy’s dream was fulfilled by a man named Tom. He was wealthy but didn’t
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