Is The American Dream Achievable To Gain The American Dream?

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The American dream is freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and to have a better life. You can have the American dream by getting a good education so you can then get a good job to make good money. When you make good money you can then buy a nice house, car and start a family. It is achievable for all Americans if you put your mind to it. In many ways this is different for everyone because people have different financial situations and also different backgrounds. The American dream has changed because in the older generation it was freedom and liberty now it’s about money clothes and other material things. The sacrifice made is that putting in long countless hours of work can cause family problems. The American Dream can be achieved through…show more content…
The American Dream can be described as freedom of speech because freedom of religion could not be possible if you didn’t have the option to talk as you feel fit an if you didn’t talk as feel fit you couldn’t praise . The American Dream is possible to achieve because freedom of speech gives you the rights to talk and say what you feel which can cause you to get the American Dream. The American Dream is impossible to achieve because even though you have the right to talk a say what you feel what like and dislike freedom of speech is limited. In the speech haven’t I a Woman by Sojouner Truth a text that is examined concluded that African Americans and Woman speech where limited. Also a few different texts in the raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry talk about how rights of speech are limited. This view supports that freedom of speech cannot give you the American Dream depending on race and how it’s…show more content…
One reason why the American Dream is not able to be obtained is because for African Americans and other ethnicities is because there is freedom of religion but it is limited you cant worship pray or praise in public places so you can go to jail an not live the dream. Another reason why the American Dream is unattainable is because even though its called freedom of speech it is limited and also you have to pay to talk sometimes plus says thing often get the different ethnic groups arrested or killed. The American Dream can be unattainable because if you don’t have a better life then you cant get a good education then you cant have a good job so you cant have good money and you wont be able to have a nice car or house and you wont be able to start a family

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