Is the Advance in Music Software Killing the Art of Songwriting Essay

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Is the advance in music software killing the art of songwriting? By Jade Reid For this special subject investigation, I will be looking at the different impacts software has on songwriting. Through my thorough research I will eventually find whether the advance in music software is actually killing the art of songwriting. What is Software and what software am I specifically talking about? The first thing we need to understand is what software is and what kind of software I will be talking about. Software, a piece of computer programing that is only visual as you cannot physically touch anything. When talking about software in music, this relates to software such as Reason which allows you to connect leads to different sequencers but through the computer screen. Music software has been around in the music industry for around forty years dating back to the 60’s and 70’s. Although, at this time, it was in its first stages, it helped to build the foundations for the future of music software production. It has become a way for people who are not educated in how to play an instrument or who do not have much theory based knowledge to be able to be creative and compose and perform in ways that before the 60’s, people never thought possible. There are many different types of software and a lot of them do similar things. But the main types of software that have an impact on the songwriting industry are: Logic Pro, Reason, Sibelius, Cubase and pro tools. A major leap in the music technology world was the introduction of MIDI in the 1980s and it became the key link in hardware for software, giving the composer control of an instrument and being able to play it directly into the software on the computer. This then allowed the producer to have maximum control of the production. We can see the effect music software has had on songwriting in all the

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