Is Television Good or Bad for Our Children?

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Parents should control the amount of TV their children watch. Do you agree? Most homes these days have more than one TV and they can be found in general living areas and even in most bedrooms. Children often have televisions in their bedrooms, which means they are able to watch what they want for as long as they want. Being able to watch so much television can have very bad effects on a child’s physical and mental development. Therefore parents should control the amount of time and the content of a child’s viewing. Firstly, the content of many programs on TV is not suitable for children. They contain violence, sexual themes, drug use and swearing. Children should not be exposed to such adult themes and often they are too young to discriminate which programs contain negative themes. That is why parents should censor programs for content. In addition, while they are wasting time watching TV, a passive activity, they are not doing physical exercise or playing sport. Because of TV and computer games, young people these days are less healthy and are getting fatter. Childhood obesity has become an issue in most countries of the world. If parents limited their children’s viewing time in front of the box and encouraged them to play sport, there would be fewer obese people. Finally, literacy and numeracy levels are on the decline in the western world as well. While kids are watching TV, they are not doing their homework. It is also true that children are under a lot more pressure at school these days and TV is a great way for them to relax after a hard day’s study. Parents, however, must ensure that their child’s homework is completed before they can turn on the TV for a few relaxing hours. To summarise, if parents control their children’s viewing time we will have a generation of young people who are healthier and better-read. Furthermore, they will not have to deal

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