Is Technology Making Us Dependant

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Mike Stevens 50058647 Martha Addante SSH-205 Nov 28th 2012 Is Technology making us dependant? I propose to assert that our society is obsessed with becoming individualists, and it is fuelled by the ever growing entity that is technology and has forever changed the way that humans live. As the advancement of technology continues and newer ways of communication and learning are developed, be it; social networking, instant messaging, Google. Our society will become more and more individualistic, which in turn, will drive us to care less and less for our fellow man. In this essay I plan on discussing what it means for our society now that we have become much more individualistic and placed a greater value on ourselves rather than things around us. I also plan on discussing how the advancements in technology are changing not only the world that we live in but the way that we think and learn as well, by touching on Nicholas Carr’s thoughts as well as Marshall McLuhan’s ideas about mediums. Lastly I would like to touch on Stephen Marche’s idea that social networking is not bringing us together, but is actually making our society much lonelier. The purpose of this research is to grasp a better understanding of the current situation and hold that technology has over our society. I want my audience to understand that even though the technological revolution has changed almost every aspect of our lives we should not forget the past values that older generations have instilled in us. I hope that after reading this paper, my audience will have a better understanding of the connection we all have with the technological world and I hope that they begin to think, because this revolution began with knowledge, and maybe if people know more, it can bring on another revolution for the next generation, because as we all know knowing is half the battle. Over the last few
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