Is Technology Ever Evil

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Is Technology (Ever) Evil Matrix, Terminator, I Robot, and Eagle Eye are all box office hit movies featuring smart technology. In some instances the technology wanted to protect us from ourselves. In others it wanted to eradicate us, going so far as to call us a virus. However, farfetched these ideas may seem, is it possible that technology could ever be evil? In an article dated October 19, 1999 by Sandy Reed, David Gill was portrayed as saying that ‘technology is evil’. To dispute the claims David Gill wrote a rebuttal in December 1999 discussing the ethics of technology. He ended the article with the statement that’ technology is not good or evil; it is good and evil’. To make his case Gill asks is technology (ever) actually or potentially harmful to human life? The importance of technology has skyrocketed over the last decades. Technology can be found in every facet of society from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Gill states that he does not oppose technology; rather the ‘dominance and centrality of technology in human life’. He infers that society has committed the sin of idol warship by taking a great tool box of technology and setting it on a throne. Through the study of the morality of technology he shows that it is not technology that is evil, however it is the intentions and actions of the individual using the technology that makes it good or bad or right or wrong. The Utilitarian approach seeks to determine what is best for a society as a whole. Technology is a necessary part of human life. It is not likely that our society would be able to function as it does today without technology. As Gill stated it is not technology that is evil, it is the individual that is using the technology. The regulation of technology the governing entity can seek to safe guard the innocent from the possible evil that individuals have used technology to

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