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Apostolic Succession Two words that seem to matter immensely to Rome and to independent Bishops outside her embrace. Why? In the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 1: 23‐ 26, we find the election of Matthias as a replacement for Judas. The drawing of lots was seen by the Jewish traditions of the time to be an indication of God’s choice. Mathias was then present with the others at Pentecost and received the Holy Spirit as an Apostle. A little later, Chapter 6:1‐7, we see the election and commissioning of the seven deacons. This followed what we now know as the traditional threefold rite of ordination – election from among the people – prayer and the laying‐on of hands. St Paul acknowledges this process in 1 Timothy 4: 14 where the process of prayer and laying‐on of hands raised Timothy to become Paul’s “true child in the faith” (1 Tim, 1:2) and effectively his successor. The constant and unwavering teaching of the Church, Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox alike, is that this process has gone on unbroken since that time. In other words that every bishop in the world today can say that their consecration, given after election, prayer and the laying‐on of hands, can be traced back in unbroken links to one or other of the 12 gathered in the upper room at Pentecost. It is seen as handing‐on that same gift of the Holy Spirit that was given to the 12. So why is this so contentious and important if it is an historic fact? Mainly because bishops of the independent churches are sometimes fearful of being described as charlatans and imposters who cannot prove their credentials. Sadly this sometimes leads to a process of “line gathering” in which bishops undergo consecration after consecration in order to ensure that they are “valid”. In whose eyes? Sadly, usually those of Rome and its Curia, who will attempt to discredit

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