Is Santiago a Failure Or a Hero?

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Is Santiago a Failure or a Hero? In the short story Called The Old Man and the Sea the main character, Santiago could be considered as a hero or as a failure. There are several quotes, symbols and dialogs in the book that prove both. First of all, the story tells that Santiago weren’t able to catch a fish for 84 days due to his loss of luck, before; he was a great fisher but now as he is getting old he is unable to be as great as he was, he fails his “job”. As a result, his only human friend, Manolin got inhibited from him, because his parents didn’t let their son to fish with someone who can’t. They call him “The worst form of unlucky”. He doesn’t have friends anymore. He lost the friend he had, Manolin. Now the fish are the only thing he likes, although he is unable to catch any of them. Other fishermen don’t acknowledge his effort; they see him as a poor and week old man. He has no fame anymore. Since Santiago cannot fish, he cannot reach food for himself. The bar would give him food, but he doesn’t accept it, he doesn’t accept his unfortunate of fishing, he still considers himself as a strong fisherman who could deal with a huge fish he has been waiting for. He is a skillful man he thinks. There is a dialog between the boy Manolin and Santiago that states how skillful the old man is and he could cope with a huge fish. - But you went turtle-ing for years off the Mosquito Coast and your eyes are good. - I am a strange old man. - But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish? - I think so. And there are many tricks. Although, when it was time for him to prove his great skills when he was fighting with the sharks he failed. Finally he caught the Marlin, but he couldn’t beat the sharks during the way to the coast due to his loneliness “I wish I had the boy. To help me and see this.” A hero doesn’t need help, especially not from a young boy.

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