Is Santa Claus Real?

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Is Santa Claus real? Yes, Santa Claus is very real. He is truthful as the idea of life, and values. I believed in him since I was a kid, and my sincerity has rewarded me with the bountiful memories of joy. Your friends are mistaken about Saint Nicholas. Their minds have been changed by the disbelief of a doubtful age. All minds are small compared to the vast universe. We can only measure it by comparing our intelligence to the exact truth. Now arises the question. Would the world change if Mr. Claus weren’t real? It depends on the personality of the person I guess. Being happy for me on a great holiday like this is the primary reason why we believe. So yes Virginia, Santa Claus is so real that he knows you endlessly, and will always support you. I am a very hesitant person, but I hope Santa Claus is real. Every year, the question you asked me becomes a debate in my mind. The rational part of me wants to say that there is no evidence, but the part of me that feels replies back, would I be happy if I never believed in the Spirit of Christmas. I then search the memories of Christmas past, and tried to see myself ignoring the common beliefs that our parents taught us. It appears that I couldn’t go on. The world seemed a gloomier, and bleaker place. Every year I suffer through insults, stress, and adapting to changes that I could not foresee. The rational part of me then agrees to my emotional side that Santa Claus is real. Its explanation is – if Santa Claus had not been real, then I would be in sorrow all the time, but I am the exact opposite. I am constantly cheerful, and my life is so bright with hope that it could light the night sky. The calculating side of me comes to the conclusion that since my mood contradicts reason, then Santa Claus is very much real. Christmas is the holiday that has always stayed the same to me. It is the most special one to me,
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