Is Romance Dead? Has the work of Byron been lost? Essay

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Is Romance DEAD? Has the work of Byron been lost? Has the ideology of love turned into lust? Can the ideology of love during the eighteenth century (while Lord Byron was writing poems of loves and letters), really be compared to the ideology of love in the twenty first century? During the eighteenth century the ideal of love and marriage was forced upon young girls whose parents seemed to think that marrying them off to a king or duke was the best for them. Just like in the twenty first century vows where said ‘Till death do us part’ and that seemed to be it. But was it really as glamorous and easy as they made it sound? When marriages failed the ending result was only as simple as promiscuous affairs, but when marriages worked out it was ought to be considered as ‘true love’. If Love was ‘true love’ our world can only be more about lust. Has the majority of the world around us really missed the memo on actually being ‘In-love’? Having promiscuous affairs while being married was a so-called ‘hush hush’ thing. Now a day’s having an affair behind your partners back is the undesirable truth a woman or man never wants to hear. Yet we do not judge those who have one night stands. One of the many things changing the love sense today in our societies would have to be the many amounts of people who seem to be okay with the idea of meeting someone, having sex and not getting emotionally attached. Our society seems to accept that fact that love has gone out the window. While love was seen as true love in the eighteenth century, Lord George Gordon Byron wrote poems of love the he witnessed and love of first sight he experienced himself. The styles and genres of his poems where as a result of his state of melancholy. Society influenced Byron greatly on his writings. While being extremely omniscient about his time and what love in his society accepted. He wrote of

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