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A Proper Approach to the I.S. Policy Thesis First of all, you conduct initial research without preconceived notions of how things will turn out. To have one or more subjects of interest in mind is a necessary starting point so that you do not wander searching aimlessly. When you have settled on one or more subjects of interest that have the potential to excite and motivate you, then you can proceed. Start conducting the actual literature research by examining sources of information about the specific subject matter. Such sources may be physical library-based or electronically available on the Internet. Use Note Cards to make note of items of potential interest. As you become more familiar with the sources on the subject matter, the faint glimmerings of a thesis should begin to emerge. What is really happening? Well, as you analyze what you are reading — as you increase both the reach and range of the material encountered — you synthesize the material and voila! — critical thinking starts taking place. Relative to the material you have researched, you realize one or more of the following… 1. You can identify and state important points and their supporting arguments. 2. You can identify assumptions, biases, and their implications. 3. You can identify contradictory or irrelevant information. 4. You can recognize and state relationships. 5. You can relate process and content. 6. You can explain your own thinking. 7. You can identify significant elements in your own experiences. 8. You can abstract from and generalize about your own experiences. Thus, in one or more ways, you are reacting to the researched material. Start formulating your thoughts into one or more tentative thesis statements. Can you provide a new or more interesting view or position about the

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