Is Play Also Learning? Essay

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While taking to parents how will you convince them that play is also learning? Parents may need to understand that children can learn more effectively through play. Play is what intrigues children and is the necessary building block of a child’s intellectual and social skills. Play is indented to support the child as a whole and is essential to develop the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive well-being of children and youth. Play is the best way to learn if it is supported. Oral language, literacy, reading and writing are all integrated and connected to play. Oral language is the most important aspect of literacy. Literacy includes speaking, listening, reading, writing and viewing. It provides the form and shape to understanding. It helps children make sense of new words, rules, and behaviors in which they can categorize and give it meaning. Children begin to build a rich vocabulary when being introduced with new words. They will repeat sounds, state their thoughts and finally are able to engage socially. It fosters the ability for children to read and write in the future, allowing them to formulate ideas and facts. It also allows them to hear phonemes or phonemic awareness which steers students towards reading and writing success. Knowledge of letters that creates words that leads to sentences and phrases is print awareness. By understanding sounds and letters children begin to integrate their thoughts and ideas into words and print. Any kind of motor skill and fine motor skill activities are also necessary to support writing. Children learn mostly by observing, listening and reenacting in their everyday life. Play is a fundamental asset for a child’s learning that is fun and

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