Is Physician Assisted Suicide Right Or Wrong Essay

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Eliminate the Pain or Eliminate the Patient There is no cure for your loved one who has lived a long and happy life and is now ready to pass on, should they be assisted to die with the help of a physician? The history of the debate for physician-assisted suicide can be traced back to the Greek and Roman times. “The debate originally was centered on the Hippocratic Oath and the condemnation of physician assisted suicide” (Gloth). Within the last two centuries, the public has spurned the idea of physician assisted suicide and euthanasia, according to many different historic perspectives. Although this debate has been lengthy and many of the issues discussed over the centuries have been repetitive, new ideas and concerns do emerge with the current debate. Euthanasia, a painless, lethal injection, can help a person pass away peacefully and painlessly. Passive…show more content…
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