Is Our Life Better Than Our Forefathers

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When we talk of forefathers we may include our elders from the very early stages of life. So, if we see the life of the early man and that of ours today, we will have to accept that our lives are much better than the lives of our distant forefather – that is, the early man. This is because, early man lived like an animal, with hardly any civilized existence. He went in search of food just like animals, lived in caves, wore next to nothing or, at the most leaves covered his body. From this standard of living of the early man we have come a long way into civilization. The comparison between his life and ours can thus hardly be drawn as, these are two types of lives of two extremes. The correct perception and comparison can be drawn, when we delve into lives of our forefather of say 2 or 3 generations back.For this, I daresay that, life of our forefathers was much better than ours today. To conceptualise real life of the two generations, we have to assess what we really want from life, to call it better or worse. Life can be called good only when there is a balanced admixture of all the ingredients of life, that is, a proper balance of work and entertainment, duty, comfort and hard work. This peculiar and difficult balance could be found to some extent, in the generation that reigned in the middle of the present century.Today we can, undoubtedly claim to be far ahead of our forefathers in scientific and technological advancement. These have provided for us several gadgets which make life for us very comfortable, and also give us a sea of knowledge. All these benefits did not accrue to our forefathers. They lived very simple lives and also quite comfortable ones, without much of a hullabaloo of fast growth, fast money, fast life and fast death.Now, let us analyse where this so called modern progress is taking us. Yes, we do get storehouses of knowledge and

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