Is Our Constitution Still Relevent,

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CJ Macha 10.15.12 The United States Constitution itself is irrelevant. The reason the Constitution is even in the question when it comes to the United States law is because of the amendments. The law of today consists of the amendments, along with a few points of the Constitution make up all of the law of the United States that we follow today. Also the Ten Commandments would fit very well with our Constitution, in fact making it better, The Commandments could be a better than the Constitution without the Amendments, if all of the people were catholic The amendments make up just about the entire law in the United States that we still follow today. Such as the Freedom of Speech, and Emancipation, the 1st and the 17th amendments are the best laws that the United States have ever come up with. The fact that people used to, not be able to practice their Religion or write about what they want to in the city newspaper, or it is illegal are mind boggling concepts. Also something that changed the United States even more is the 17th amendment, Emancipation, meaning that slavery is abolished. When Abraham Lincoln pronounced the Emancipation Proclamation, when he stated that slavery was not a part of the everyday part of the United States, the slave owners did not know what to do with the work that needed to be done on their farms. They had been getting free labor for their whole life. Now they had to give the slaves money, this was unheard of back in the 1800s. The opposite side to that was the slaves did not know what to do with themselves so most of them went back to working in the fields but with a little bit of pay. Most of the constitution is irrelevant. There are a few places where the constitution is perfect. Such as when the Constitution states that killing is illegal and there will be substantial consequences to the murderer. Also, how when you kill someone in a
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