Is management necessary and sufficient for the success of organizations?

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Introduction : The world market is getting more integrated in recent years due to the wind of globalization and improvement in technology. Because of this, organizations have more chance to become bigger by actions like merging and acquisitions. However, once organizations grow, the structure will become more complex as there will be more different levels within the organization. To achieve the maximum efficiency and high performance, management is very crucial because organizations are mainly about members working together, helping each other, and to fulfill organizational goals by the coordinated efforts. Management is about controlling one or more groups of people and to harmonize and coordinate them to accomplish the same organizational goals. In an organization, there must be people at the top making the right decision and have the ability to control the workers under them, which relationships is very important too, and the different levels of people form the management. This is why management must exist within an organization as it is the fundamental part of the organizations and it represents the integration of workers. Plus the management can affect other operations within the organization directly or indirectly. Main body : Management is not an independent bodies, it has to work and corporate with different ways and different levels in the organization. Management itself would not directly lead to success of business, it is the activities which lead to high performance which lead to the success of organizations. Moreover, management mainly focuses on improving the people-organization relationship, in terms of improving employee’s communication skills and make sure that all employees are clear about the particular organizational goals and objectives. By doing this, it can reduce or prevent any gap or barriers such as lack of communication, lack of

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