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Is Lying Always Wrong? Lying, in general, is a bad thing, but it is often the right thing to do. Under certain circumstances, a lie can be a much more moral of an act than the telling of the truth. I disagree on the fact of it always being wrong. People sometimes tend to use lying to prevent from hurting one’s feelings, protecting someone from being harm, and lying in order to get the truth. Even though these circumstances have been justified as a moral act, people still believe that lying is a sin. Lying is wrong because it diminishes the trust between human beings. If people didn’t tell the truth, life would become very difficult and nobody could be trusted. Another reason they believe lying is wrong is because it corrupts the liar.…show more content…
For example, I go to a dinner party and my hostess asks how I like the dish she's prepared. The true answer happens to be “I think it tastes horrible” but if I say “it's delicious” that's a white lie. Most people would approve of that white lie and would regard telling the truth as a bad thing to do. Sometimes protecting one’s feelings is better than hurting them emotionally. It feeds a positive feeling to motivate that person to have confidence in oneself. By protecting someone’s feeling you can save them for a day, but when you protect someone from being harm, you can save them for life. Threatening situations don't just occur as emergencies; there can be long-term threatening situations where lying will give a person a greater chance of survival. A typical example would be Jews hiding during the Second World War. Most would agree that it would be right to lie, in order to protect them from the Nazis. If not, the whole household would have suffered major fatalities. Sometimes if a killer wants to know a victim’s location, it would be right to lie to them to distract them from the real location. Thus, saving that person’s life and putting the bad person away in

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