Is Lady Macbeth A Fiend Like Queen Or A Lady Of Remorse?

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Macbeth Coursework; Is lady Macbeth a fiend-like Queen or lady of remorse? Lady Macbeth assumes the role of female protagonist in Shakespeare’s play “ Macbeth”. William Shakespeare penned this tragedy in 1606; the play is defined by dark themes such as power, greed, ambition and murder. She forms one part of the power hungry couple; together she and her husband, Macbeth plot to kill King Duncan to ensure Macbeth can be win his title. There has been much controversy about the character of Lady Macbeth ; some brand her as a ruthless, selfish queen, whilst others may argue she is loyal and intelligent. Macbeth called her “O gentle lady,” signifying that she is a kind and thoughtful woman as the plot evolves and we witness her fiendish exploits we see another evil aspect of her character. When Lady Macbeth first learns of the witches prophecies she immediately assumes an assertive role and pledges that her husband shall become King. “Glamis thou art, and Cawdor, and shalt be what thou art promised” . However Lady Macbeth questions if her husband is sufficiently mercenary to do what is necessary to enable him to become King. At this early stage lady Macbeth seems intent on callously killing Duncan in order to achieve her husband’s dream and ambition of becoming King. “Yet do I fear thy nature, is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way.” Lady Macbeth is very much in-control in all situations. She is the more dominant person in her and Macbeth’s relationship. “Give me the daggers,” this symbolises that she has authority over her husband, Macbeth, and also that she is crafty and immoral. Likewise, Lady Macbeth is clever and cunning, “For it must seem their guilt,” this shows us that she is sly and is able to plan things out so as to prevent
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