Is Judaism Lost in Time?

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Is Judaism lost in time? What aspects of the religion cause it to be classed as outdated in today’s modern society? Is this necessarily a bad thing? Judaism is classed as a world faith, in which was founded over 3500 years ago by Moses (BBC, 2014) it therefore fits itself into the category as being a world faith due to the fact that it centres on the faith of the people of Israel in G-d, who conveyed his will to humanity. The faith of the Jewish population is in the love and power of G-d to bring about his purpose for all humankind, which bases itself upon the omnipotent being appointing them to be his chosen people and for them to set an example of holiness and ethical behaviour in the world. (Hoffman, 2008) Judaism, ceases to be one of the most traditional World Religions that sorely focuses on the Torah, G-d’s instruction, and the traditional beliefs and ideologies in which the religion was founded with. There are many aspects within the religion in which are most commonly interpreted as outdated within today’s modern and increasingly agnostic society and these aspects also allow a subjective opinion to be made on whether the religion of Judaism is lost in time. These vary from the beliefs and ideologies, to the Sabbath, food laws and beliefs upon life, death, sex, marriage and festivals to the holocaust and the variety of dominations that make up the religion, from the most traditional form being Orthodoxy to the predominant denomination of Reform Judaism. The argument therefore being posed is that these aspects allow the religion to be outdated and lost in time in many ways, yet is this necessarily a negative thing? The fact that it has the variety of traditional and in a sense, more modern aspects, allows the religion to be unique and allows subjectivity to it. Judaism’s roots are in the ancient, Eastern region of Caan, in which is now Israel and

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