Is John'S Jesus The Same As Mark'S?

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Is John’s Jesus the Same as Mark’s? In the Gospels of Mark and John, there are many similarities and differences found when it comes to presenting the portrait of Jesus Christ. Both Gospels depict the life of Jesus as he traveled around performing miracles and exorcisms, was misunderstood by his family, disciples, and the people, and ended up being crucified on the cross and resurrected from the dead. However, there are great differences in both of these Gospels as well which make each Gospel simply unique writings of the Christian faith. While Mark’s Gospel portrays Jesus as the son of man whom God chose to be the one to save the people by suffering and dying, John’s Gospel portrays Jesus Christ in a different manner; a way in which Jesus Christ has existed before life on earth, came down from heaven to reveal God and His kingdom, and save us human beings from sin. The similarities between the Gospels of Mark and John are seen in the misunderstandings between Jesus and those closest to him, such as his family and disciples. Jesus’ main purpose in life is to teach these people about God and His kingdom, to explain to them that he is here to save them from their sins by dying and resurrecting. However, the people simply do not understand him and instead ask questions of his existence, his parables, and end up hardening their hearts. In Mark 9:30-32, Jesus tries to explain to his disciples that “The Son of Man is to be handed over to men and they will kill him, and three days after his death he will rise.” He tells them that the Son of Man will be the one to suffer and die for the people’s own lives. Yet, they needed up misunderstanding what Jesus is talking about and had fear of asking him any questions of what he meant. The same example of miscomprehension is shown Mark 4: 10-13. Here, the Twelve Apostles question Jesus the purpose of his parables. Jesus simply

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