Is Jesus a Rebel?

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Is Jesus a rebel? This is a question that Christians as well as non-Christians all over the world have debated about Jesus’ mission on earth where He was born as a human. According to some, He was a rebel and others say He was not. Both parties quote His teaching to support their respective points of view. Before discussing the subject, we must know who a rebel is and what his aims are. A rebel is a person who wants to bring about a change in the existing order of things, for he thinks that it results in more evil than good because its consequences are detrimental to the welfare of the mass of people. According to the historical narration of the life of Jesus, there were corruption, injustice and discrimination in the society in which He lived. The religious leaders preached one thing and practised some thing else. The poor were treated with contempt and marginalized. The religion was distorted to amass wealth endangering the society as a whole. Jesus saw it and was determined to redeem men from the clutches of this unfair system. Viewed against this background, it is fair enough to assert that He advocated a change of the existing order of things. Within the meaning of this interpretation, Jesus was a rebel, yet He did not campaign for the achievement of the aim through violence. The policy He followed to attain it was moral regeneration through peaceful means. Jesus directed His teachings and actions to establish equality among men. He also advocated justice and fair play for all irrespective of the position or status in the society. He did not encourage the violation of established rules and regulation. That is why he told the people that the payment of taxes to the government was the duty of the subject. His aim of his agitation was not the creation of an earthly kingdom but, the purification of the way of life of the individual to win the happiness found
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