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Is it safe? Strutural After the fire has been extinguished it could take many hours for the building to cool down. During this time noises may be heard coming from the area involved. This may be due to the expansion and contraction of different areas of the building, parts of it may become dislodged and fall. If you have to enter the building be aware of the dangers and where necessary seek professional advice. Often walls must be opened by firefighters to ensure that no hidden fires or heat sources are remaining. Consequently after the fire, damage may appear excessive but we must ensure that the risk of further fires is eliminated. Services It is likely that the fire and rescue service will have isolated gas, electricity and water supplies. DO NOT attempt to reconnect these until checked by a competent qualified contractor. Connecting services without having them checked may result in further damage being caused to the property. What do I do first? Security When we leave the building becomes your responsibility. If you cannot occupy it, remove all valuables to a safe location and ensure that all doors, windows and other openings are protected from unauthorised entry. Should boarding up be required a contractor may need to be contacted, the incident commander may assist with this via fire control. When it has been necessary for the fire and rescue service to cover a roof temporarily with tarpaulins they are generally on loan, unless disposable items are used, which may be discarded following a permanent repair. When considering the use of any contractor or the purchase of any materials, check with your insurance that you costs can be recovered don’t take anything for granted, phone your agent immediately. If the premises are to be left unoccupied contact your local Police station and inform them. Health Smoke

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