Is It In You Essay

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“Is It in You” Most athletes have grown up being told to drink water while they participate in activities, but a football coach working at the University of Florida wondered why the players were not performing as well in high heat. In 1965, the first sports drink was created by a team of physicians working for the Florida Gators; it was called Gatorade. To get athletes to switch from water to Gatorade Pepsi, who manufactures Gatorade, has to advertise the products just right. They enforce the need to aggress against the athletes, so they feel the need to go and buy these sports drinks in order to perform better. In May 2010, Pepsi released a Gatorade ad titled “Gatorade Always Wins” where a Gatorade bottle races two bottles of water. In this ad Gatorade crosses the finish line first with its hands held high while the two bottles of water fall short of the finish line. As the two bottles of water fall, their caps come off causing the water inside of them to fall out. It is quite obvious that the ad says Gatorade will not only take an athlete all the way to the finish line, but it will also help them win. Another point that can be drawn from this ad is that water won’t hydrate an athlete as well as Gatorade, so if they drink water then there is no way they will be able to win. This is an example of Fowles’ need to aggress. Athletes will do anything to win the events they participate in. The advertisers working for the Pepsi Company see this need and use it as the main idea for their ad because they know most athletes are not able to ignore this urge to win. Also seen in this ad is the Gatorade lightning bolt. Every athlete knows that lightning bolt is the symbol for Gatorade, which is a perfect example of McClintock’s transfer. The bolt is used to represent the strength and power that Gatorade is able to give an athlete. It can be concluded that Pepsi
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