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Is It Better To Give Than Recieve Essay

  • Submitted by: awil104
  • on October 20, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Is It Better To Give Than Recieve" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A.w 11-15-10
English grade: 9th
“There is more than giving than receiving”

I agree with this quote and I say this because two things happen when you give, and that is making someone else happy and you receive the gratititude being given from the person recieveing. There are many examples of this in society and in religion where people give to other people and don’t receive anything back but they don’t get anything necessarily. For an example I can give money to someone in need of it and they wont have anything to give me back but I still get the feeling that I helped someone who was in need of help more than I am and that’s what I mean when I say you can give and get nothing back but still receive something. In the outsiders   when Johnny and ponyboy went in the church to save the kids from the fire they were giving that group of kids another chance to live by rescuing them from the fire. I feel the reason why Johnny ran in there without hesitation is because he probably felt like he had to do something to help get rid of that guilt he received when he killed bob or anybody in general. By saving those kids for him I guess it felt like it made up for bob’s mistake. Even though he died at an early age and didn’t get to life to the fullest and die regretting a lot of things saving those kids wasn’t one of those regrets. To wrap things up i do agree with the quote in which this started from and I have personally felt the feeling you get when you give something to someone who needs It more than you, and so have many others including Johnny and ponyboy.

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