Is It Better To Be Feared Than Loved

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Is it better to be feared, than loved? The theme of Machiavelli’s “The Qualities of the Prince” is that a strong leader must lead by fear. He explains that love does not allow for the control nor respect that is necessary to a leader’s success. Does his theory hold true to today’s society? An example of such a leader today would be a teacher. Teaching is a position that necessitates the respect and obedience of students. Only in this way does A teacher have what is needed to be successful, and in turn help his or her students succeed. Certainly one of the most important things a teacher can avoid is allowing anything to happen to earn the students’ friendship. A student-to-teacher relationship should remain just that; the teacher should claim a higher position than the students. When a teacher crosses the line, and begins to befriend his or her students, what will be the downfall? My 1st hour AP English high school teacher suffered this exact circumstance; she disregarded her authority for a more intimate, peer-to-peer relationship to her students. She would allow them to come in late, forego assignments, and socialize more in class. For the first few weeks this seemed to work well; she was adored by her students, the class went smoothly, no one complained. However, later in the quarter most of the students began to arrive chronically late to class. They would saunter in; one or two at a time, five or more minutes after the bell had rung for class to begin. More and more students would disappear off to “the bathroom” during class, and not return for 30 minutes, fewer students continued to turn in homework assignments, and no one was on task in class. It ceased to be an AP English class; it had become a free-for-all open period. Ultimately this became a disadvantage both for the teacher, and her students. Because of her lack of authority, we learned very little in

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