Is It a Crime to Burn National Flag? Essay

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Flag burning? It doesn't seem like a crime right?...... Wrong! It is. I consider it as a crime. Of course, it is not such a big terrible crime as assassination or terrorism, for instance. Yes, we all know that it is just a piece of cloth. The thing that makes it so special though is that, this piece of cloth is something that our ancestors, the soldiers of the country stood for and had protected. The National Flag is a symbol of unification, freedom and history of the particular country. The National flag has always been regarded as the symbol of independence of a country. Every independent country has the national flag, which bears much dignity and deserve respects from the people. To achieve their flag people had to struggle for it, dedicating their lives. I am almost sure that apparently every country has a deep background history of gaining independence and building up a national sovereignty. During those times, they lost much blood from the chest of their heroic sons. Girls lost their chastity, and mothers lost their children, but they did not lose their hearts that possess their love for their country. By using all strength, people struggled and at last achieved the independence – the token of which is their national flag. The national flag that shows the sovereignty the country when it flows by the wind… The national flag that is a symbolization of this nation… The national flag that we, the citizens of our countries, protect for freedom… The national flag that uphold the dignity of us as an independent nation over the world. Therefore, burning the national flag is just similar to denouncing all these values. I assert that the national flag should be respected by the nation of the country. Burning or desecrating the flag in any way is an offense to freedom and democracy and should be, therefore, considered as a crime. As the proverb

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