Is Imperialism Good or Bad?

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Imperialism is the policy by which one country takes control of another directly or through economic or political dominance. This policy is against weak or developing or under developing countries by countries which are more developed. Many people believe that imperialism helps the other nation. The people of the nation who are imposing imperialism will most likely see it as only, while people of the weaker nation see it as negative. Therefore, imperialism can be positive or negative, depending on where you are from and your beliefs. Imperialism can help both nations, but it will be helping the stronger nation more than it helps the weaker nation. So while it helps the stronger nation, it can hinder the lives of the people of the weaker nation. I believe that although it may have a few positive affects, imperialism is still more negative. Imperialism is still more negative. Imperialism is only imposed on weaker nations such as Afghanistan, Haiti, and ____________, by stronger nations such as the United States. When underdeveloped nations get conquered by stronger nations, this gives them a less chance of ever becoming developed. Before the stronger nations along, the under developed was already having to develop. In several of these cases, these under developed countries do not have a strong centralized government. Once a stronger nation takes control over them this gives them a lesser chance of ever getting to control their nation. The United States is known for using the imperialist policy. But i believe that they should not be so concerned about taking control over other countries and making improvements there before they make improvements for their own people. the United States's attempt to taking over other countries many negative affects on the people of the other country, but it has a negative affect on the people of the United States as
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