Is Humanity Good or Evil?

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Is Humanity Good or Evil? Humans in our world can make bad choices throughout their lives, this does not make them an evil person. I believe that no person on the face of the Earth is truly evil. Everyone in the world at least once in their lives do something that they are ashamed of because they know that it was the wrong thing to do, this is what makes us human, we all have flaws, we are not perfect. This is why I strongly believe that no person is truly evil. I think that everyone is a good person but we all have an inner darkness deep inside us. When that darkness comes out to the world and humans do things that they are not proud of, it does not make them evil people, it just shows that we all have our own flaws and nobody is perfect. All people make mistakes and bad decisions throughout their lives, this is what makes us human. I believe that even though people make mistakes and make bad decisions it does not make them an evil person. The definition of evil is: the wicked or immoral part of someone or something. From this definition I believe that nobody can truly be this because nobody is wicked. In my own life I can personally say that all of my friends and all of my family are not evil people, yes they may make some bad decisions but that does not make them evil people because being truly evil is such a hard task. Being evil is a very hard task because to be truly evil you have to surpress all of your feelings to perform all of the bad deeds that you are doing. Another reason why I believe that nobody is truly evil and that everybody in the world is good is because we all have goodness inside of us. Some people that think that they are evil are not all they have done is lost sight of the light of goodness inside them, and now they are faced with the journey of finding that light again. My favorite singer Gerard Way from

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